Crosshair Positioning Lasers (each)


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Designed to aid in positioning digital camera systems or for positioning artworks for digital capture this specially designed laser projects a low power red crosshair pattern

Used in pairs, the two crosshairs intersect creating a projected "crop" area. The universal ball joint mount allows for precise adjustment of the crop area to correspond to your specific camera's field of view

Note: due to the technical nature of this specific technology application we suggest that you send us an email describing your application and a representative will contact you to discuss the solution. Please allow 2-3 days for order processing

Notable Features

Technical Specifications:

  • Length 80mm (3.15in.)
  • Diameter 17.8mm (.07in.)
  • Bracket Height 50mm (1.975in.)
  • Bracket Width 40mm (1.575in.)
  • 10 Foot Power lead with quick release power supply connector
  • Power Supply Unit with on/off switch (90-240VAC 9-35DC)
  • Power Consumption: 1W Max
  • Operating Temperature:-10~40C (14~100deg.F)
  • Note: Specifications may change. Please contact us for more details
  • This low power laser provides a clearly visible crosshair sight line perfect for tiling and precision camera framing
  • In most cases, the illumination of your electronic flash will overpower this illumination allowing your crop marks to become invisible to the camera system. The lasers have been calibrated to work well using a typical copy stand configuration i.e. 1/125 sec. @f11 ISO 50
  • If you wish to utilize two lasers within the live image area to create a cropping frame it is important to note that where two lines intersect (corners) the light will be 2X brighter and may appear in images. This is easily avoided by obstucting the beam where the lines intersect. We can help you with the specification based upon your application

Pricing includes:

  • 1 Laser Unit with 10' lead with quick connector.
  • 1 Universal Swivel Mount Plate (screws not included)
  • 1 Switched power supply with quick connectors
  • Up to four laser units per power supply