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basICColor DISCUS is a precision colorimeter and universal instrument for the accurate measurement of color monitors, projectors, large screen systems, standard lighting fixtures and ambient lighting

DISCUS is specifically designed for the latest generation wide-gamut displays used for soft proofing in pre-press, for color-critical applications in photography, design, digital signage and video production

This device requires basICColor Display software (sold separately on a per-CPU or as a Site license)

basICColor DISCUS is a universal measurement device that can be easily adapted to future new display technologies

The Discus hardware devices are drop shipped from the BasICColor US distribution center. Please allow 2-3 days for order processing

Notable Features

  • Three Measurement modes: Contact measurement, Tele measurement (projectors), Ambient light measurement
  • Lens construction: Highly sensitive colorimetric sensor with long-term stable thin film glass filter
  • All-aluminum housing for use under production conditions
  • Luminance measurement range: 0.05 to 2500 cd/m Chromaticity: 0.05 to 2500 cd/m
  • Luminance accuracy: + / -2% 1 digit (1 ~ 500cd/m2)
  • Chromaticity: + / -0002 Illuminant D65
  • Chromaticity: + / -0.0025 CCT 4000-15000K
  • Chromaticity: + / -0.0065 for other colors
  • Spot size on contact measurement: ø 7 mm
  • Spot size at Tele measurement in 1m distance: ø 7 cm
  • Spot size measurement at 10m distance at Tele: ø 70 cm
  • Why invest in a precision instrument to calibrate your displays?
  • For most users, the single most critical point in the production workflow is the subjective process of editing. A properly calibrated display is absolutely necessary for effective soft proofing

There are two routes to explore when building a color-managed display strategy:

  • You can purchase premium displays with built-in calibration features, but you will still need a separate device and software to calibrate your laptops and projectors
  • OR, you can invest in a precise instrument that can be used across ALL of your devices to bring your entire workflow to the highest level of precision possible
  • By leveraging an open calibration solution, you can invest in lower cost, high-performance wide gamut displays such as the NEC Spectraview line. This approach saves money and puts you in full control