DCSG Color/Tone Validation Report


  • DCSG Color/Tone Validation Report
  • DCSG Color/Tone Validation Report
  • DCSG Color/Tone Validation Report
  • DCSG Color/Tone Validation Report

Our Color and Tone Validation Service is based upon the common X Rite DCSG color chart and tolerances as described in the Metamorfoze Digital Preservation Imaging Guidelines*. If reproducing color and tone accurately is important to your workflow, this verification report serves as an important benchmark in your overall imaging program

This service is especially valuable when you are shopping for new equipment. You can compare multiple cameras, or evaluate different capture situations. If you are interested in comparisons we offer a discount for up to four reports

(see our Resources section for the complete Metamorfoze documentation)

The process is simple: After purchasing the service, we will configure a private Dropbox Folder for you. Capture the DCSG color chart, and drop it into this shared folder. We will analyze the chart and forward you a full technical report as well as a summary of the results to help point you in the right direction

Note: Validation Report service does not include training related to improving your imaging system performance. If you need assistance bringing your systems into compliance, we offer individualized consulting and training services. Please contact us at: info@imagingetc.com

From your DCSG Chart capture we report on:

  • Overall color and tone performance (Average DeltaE 95)
  • Exposure,Illumination Eveness,Contrast
  • Color Saturation Accuracy
  • Hue Accuracy
  • Metamorfoze Pass/Fail
  • Note: This service does not include the X Rite DCSG color chart, you can purchase this chart in the "Targets" section of our online store.