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Drag and Drop Profiling for RGB Printer Drivers

If you need to create high quality custom profiles for your fine art reproductions look no further!

basICColor dropRGB generates custom ICC profiles for full gamut RGB printers (those printers without a RIP, driven via printer drivers).  This cost effective profiling tool is now directly integrated into basICColor catch and includes automatic measurement data correction. Creating a perfect ICC profile for your printer using dropRGB is simple and efficient, Just measure your charts and create your profile in just one click.

Licensing: basICColor software products are licensed on a per CPU basis via a software "TAN" code generated by basICColor. Licensing instructions are provided with the free 14 trial downloads. Site licenses are also available

IMPORTANT: To measure the basICColor dropRGB targets basICColor catch 3.1.2 or higher must be installed. When you license dropRGB basICColor catch functionality is automatically activated.

Notable Features

  • Highest level of accuracy from a cost friendly and user friendly investment. The technology is exactly the same as that used in basICColor print, basICColor's profiling flagship.
  • NEW! With one click your basICColor catch measurement data will be passed on to basICColor dropRGB – enter a profile name or accept the default – done! 
  • NEW! A checkmark in the "Automatic profile optimization" box will correct and smooth your measurement data and make for the best printer profiles you ever had. This applies the same data smoothing algorithms as the standalone software: basICColor IMProve
  • You can even create a profile with the unmatched basICColor gamut mapping from another profile, e.g. a canned profile that came with your printer, just drag and drop the profile onto the basICColor dropRGB icon


  • basICColor dropRGB seamlessly integrates into the basICColor catch measure software. Just measure your charts and click to create your custom color profile.
  • As your needs grow you can upgrade to basICColor catch pro or optional catch modules allow for quality control and statistical analysis of your prints.