Golden Thread Kit

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  • Golden Thread Kit
  • Golden Thread Kit
  • Golden Thread Kit
  • Golden Thread Kit

The GoldenThread system is intended for customers who will not be digitizing material but will be inspecting completed jobs. It is ideal for ensuring that a job has been completed to the specifications defined in a job profile. The inspector merely has to select the test profile to be measured against and run the received images. Data is quickly assessed for all acceptance criteria

Designed for customers who need to verify their compliance with US FADGI, imaging protocols, the ColorGauge SG Analyzer implements world-class image processing algorithms to provide simple, accurate feedback on the image quality performance of your system

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Notable Features

Bundle includes two specific charts and software to analyze the following imaging perfromance metrics:

  • Grayscale and Color Response
  • Resolution, Sampling Frequency
  • Spatial Frequency Response (SFR)
  • White Balance
  • Color Channel Registration
  • Noise
  • Color Encoding Accuracy
  • Lighting Uniformity
  • The Golden Thread was developed alongside the FADGI initiative to help analyze multiple technical imaging performance criteria in a single capture.

The Golden Thread System includes:

  • 1 Object Level Target (to be included in ongoing scans/captures)
  • 1 Device Level Target (to be used to verify the performance of an imaging system
  • 1 Golden Thread Software and Manual
  • Minimum System Recommendations: Microsoft Windows® 2000 or above 1 GHz processor speed or higher 500 Mb RAM or greater For Macintosh OS, the ColorGauge SG AnalyzerTM can be run using Windows simulator programs such as Parallels Desktop®