IQ Analyzer V6.1

Image Engineering

  • IQ Analyzer V6.1
  • IQ Analyzer V6.1
  • IQ Analyzer V6.1
  • IQ Analyzer V6.1

IQ Analyzer_Color Module is an image quality analysis tool specificially designed to verify color and tonal response quality for cameras and scanners and is ideally suited for use in conjunction with the Metamorfoze and FADGI imaging guidelines

Image Engineering is a leading technology firm based in Germany that specializes in the development of standardized imaging test charts and anaylisis tools. These tools have traditionaly been utilized by manufacturers of imaging devices and imaging scientists

Note: Free Standard Maintenace membership is included with every iQ-Analyzer V6 during the first year and is not extended automatically. It includes telephone and e-mail support as well as the attendance at webinars which will be offered regularly. Also included is the design of a layout and reference data of one optional "custom-made chart" per year by Image Engineering.To stay part of the program an annual fee is charged.

IQ Analyzer modules are licensed via a USB hardware dongle key. When your checkout process is completed your dongle key will be programmed and shipped to you from ImagingEtc. The typical turnaround is 2-3 days

Notable Features

  • Support of various charts like X-Rite Color Checker®, Color Checker® SG, IT8, TE188, TE226 and TE106 (CHARTS NOT INCLUDED)
  • Selectable color spaces for source images
  • Whitepoint and white point adaptation settings
  • Delta E analysis including colored encoding of results
  • Comparison window reference values to sample
  • Comparison of two cameras by making one camera the reference
  • Delta E 3D bar diagram according CIE 15
  • Yxy diagram
  • Lab diagram CIE 15
  • The IQ Analyzer Color Module is a standalone module that is part of the larger suite of IQ image quality analysis software and test charts
  • The key strength of the Color Module is it's ability to translate complex color and tone performance metrics into easy to understand graphic visualizations that even a causaul observaer can understand. For example: when Metamorfoze or FADGI tolerances are entered, users can not only see if a digital image is a Pass (green) or Fail(red), they can better understand the results by exploring graphic visualizations of the color chart being analyzed
  • While most Image analysis software runs on Windows OS, The IQ Color Module runs on Macintosh or PC operating systems making it far easier for Macintosh users to implement and support