Munsell Linear Grayscale


  • Munsell Linear Grayscale
  • Munsell Linear Grayscale

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This Grayscale represents the perceptually uniform tone distribution (L* or Value) as described in the CIE L*A*B* color model Or the Munsell Color System

Designed by Scott Geffert in collaboration with Munsell to compliment the ColorChecker Digital SG color chart, or as a standalone target, this semi gloss scale is designed to help establish proper exposure and tonal response for increased accuracy

Each step represents a specific L* lightness value that directly corresponds to the readouts of hardware and software that support L*a*b* readouts. Combined with a an L* based working space and L* based display calibration users can enjoy a truly use neutral (scene referred) imaging environment. Additional documentation can be found in our resources section.


Ideally suited for Scene Referred imaging applications (where the goal is to accurately capture scene values in a digital image) A growing number of image capture and raw processing tools support L*a*b* readouts including: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop (not including Camera Raw), Hasselblad Phocus, Lasersoft Silverfast, Raw Photo Processor 64, Raw Therapee

Notable Features

  • Compatible with Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Guidelines
  • Compatible with FADGI Imaging Guidelines
  • Range 5 to 95 equally spaced CIE L*a*b* L* or Munsell Value steps
  • Semi-gloss surface compatible with the X Rite DCSG color chart
  • Two gloss black patches (approx.. 3.5 L*)
    for extended dynamic range and to indicate lighting glare
  • Measurement Scale (mm)
  • Spectrally Neutral
  • Dimensions 10"X1.25"