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basiICColor catch offers universal and very flexible measurement of linearization, profiling, and quality assurance targets. A large variety of instruments and targets are supported. Because basICColor catch is highly automated, it only takes one mouse click to make the measurement readings and save the file. Upgrading to the 'pro' version will expand the capabilities of basICColor catch. Additional readings including: spectral densitiy, dot gain, colorimetric values under user specified light conditions, import external data, and averaging measurement data based on spectral data

Licensing: BasICColor software products are licensed on a per CPU basis via a software "TAN" code generated by BasICColor. Licensing instructions are provided with the free 14 trial downloads. Site licenses are also available

Notable Features

  • Software for measuring various output targets: linearization, profiling or quality control targets
  • Support of industry standard targets: IT8.7, ECI2002, Ugra / FOGRA, ECI / bvdm Gray Control Strip, IDEAlliance ISO12647-7 ColorControl strip, Harlequin Linearization Target, PSO and DNA test forms, Visual Print Reference 10 step wedge, ColorChecker, ColorChecker DC, Digital ColorChecker SG , etc.
  • Supports the following instruments: Barbieri - Spectro LFP, DTP 1150, Spectro 100xy, Spectro 50xy / ColorPartner - ColorScout A, ColorScout A+, ColorScout A+ (EyeOne), ColorScout A+ (SP6x), ColorScout S / X-Rite - EyeOne Pro, iO (EyeOne), Spectrolino, SpectroScan, SpectroEye, DTP41, DTP20 (Pulse), SP6x, 520, 528, 530, 939, 962, 964

Optional modules:

  • PRO: Export of spectral values, densities, dot gain and colorimetric values with different illuminants; measurement averaging based on spectral data; import of third-party measurement data
  • CONTROL: Hard Proof validation by Fogra standards is critical in today's market - "The accuracy of a contract proof must be validated with the Ugra / FOGRA Media Wedge CMYK, which has known CIELAB values and defined tolerances".  With basICColor catch control, you can evaluate the media wedge along with many other control strips. control allows you to evaluate color using a range of targets including: Ugra / FOGRA v2, v3, or even a complete ECI 2002 target CMYK. basICColor catch control automatically generates a report on screen, and now also offers a PDF report as well as a validation label - which can be attached to each proof. basICColor control improves your quality control process.