Color Gauge Analyzer Software Suite

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  • Color Gauge Analyzer Software Suite
  • Color Gauge Analyzer Software Suite
  • Color Gauge Analyzer Software Suite
  • Color Gauge Analyzer Software Suite

Designed for customers who need to verify their compliance with existing color spaces, the ColorGauge Color Analyzer™ suite implements world-class image processing algorithms to provide simple, accurate feedback on the image quality performance of your system. It works on TIFF and standard JPEG from images captured of the 24-patch X-Rite ColorChecker® Classic, Digital ColorCheckerSG, and all sizes of ISA’s ColorGauge small scale color targets.

Valuable for customers who need to verify compliance with imaging capture protocols such as the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) or Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Guidelines

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Notable Features

Software to analyze the following imaging performance metrics:

  • Specifically designed to analyze the X-Rite color checker SG® color chart (CHART NOT INCLUDED)
  • Evaluate color response using Delta E 1976, 1994 and 2000
  • Analyze against sRGB, Adobe RGB, ProPhoto and ECI color spaces
  • Reports and Graphs for tonescale, noise, neutrality and uniformity
  • Color Gauge Analyzer SG is an economical tool used to verify digital camera color and tone response
  • Users wishing to comply with FADGI protocols are able to quickly assess color and tone response for digital cameras and reflective scanners

Minimum System Recommendations:

  • Microsoft Windows® 2000 or above 1 GHz processor speed or higher 500 Mb RAM or greater