Golden Thread Book Target

Image Science Associates

The Book Scanner Fixture includes two device-level targets mounted in a rugged, hinged fixture. The fixture is designed to allow the GoldenThread targets to be analyzed at a position typically seen in automated book scanners

This target requires the Golden Thread image Analysis software (sold separately)

This target fixture is also available as a bundle-contact us for more information

Image Science Associates products are generally drop-shipped directly from Image Science Associates. Please allow 2-3 days for order processing

Notable Features

  • The PVC encasement is milled to accept our two device-level targets as well as to add finger holds and magnetic pins to keep the fixture closed when not in use
  • This target provides a means to measure sampling rate (dpi), resolution, color, tone, noise and color channel misregistration. Compliant with existing ISO standard’s protocols when measured using GoldenThread
  • It has the identical 18 color patches of the Gretag Macbeth™ColorChecker®, plus 12 unique spectrally neutral gray patches to better track high dynamic range tones often encountered in many collections
  • All patches are annotated with their L*a*b* values so, if in the future, doubt arises about the color genealogy of the object, and the target is included in the image, the user has a clear path back to the colors and tones of the original object. One can also quickly check the annotated L*a*b* values of the target against those provided by commercial image editing software
  • There are also vertical and horizontal slanted edge targets near the center to calculate the spatial frequency response (SFR) along with bar-type wedge features to quickly judge spatial resolution visually (200-850 dpi) or compare against software calculated results
  • Each target’s dimensions are 7” x 10” x 1/8” (17.8 x 25.4 x 0.32 cm)
  • The External Dimensions of the PVC encasement are 10.75" X 8.3.75" (273mm X 213mm)
  • Bidirectional metric-and-English based rulers are provided to confirm sampling rate
  • Note: The price above is for the book fixture target only. This target requires the use of the Image Science Associates Golden Thread analyzer software (sold separately) and is also available as a bundle-contact us for more information