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basICColor IMProve is a tool used to analyze and refine chart measurement data to help advanced users better manage and IMProve ICC profile quality

There are many situations where inconsistencies in chart measurements can lead to less than perfect ICC profiles. Rather than attempting to edit the ICC profile, IMProve helps resolve issues at the source in an objective, repeatable manner

IMProve offers an easy to use drag and drop interface with one click automatic or manual selelction of data refinement and profile parameters.

Multiple graphic visualizations give you direct feedback of original and optimized data

Licensing: BasICColor software products are licensed on a per CPU basis via a software "TAN" code generated by BasICColor. Licensing instructions are provided with the free 14 trial downloads. Site licenses are also available

Notable Features

  • Identifies/Removes redundant chart patch measurements
  • Identifies/Removes errant chart patch measurements
  • Identifies/Smooths erratic chart patch measurements
  • Ability to Rescale (remap) different types of color charts
  • Recognition/Correction for optical brightener effects
  • Tone Value Correction to help reach TVI process aims
  • Black Correction/Adjustment to help insure neutral black reproduction
  • ICC Transformation to simulate/compare effects of chart data enhancements
  • Manual White Point Editing in LAB or LCH
  • Averaging of multiple chart measurements
  • Concantenation of Charts
  • The quality of ICC profiles is very dependant on the quality of the measurement data. By analyzing and optimizing measurement data a higher profile quality generation is possible which leads to more control over your print production process
  • By acting on chart measurement data as opposed to ICC profile editing, basICColor IMProve can potentially be used with every printer profiling tool on the market be it ICC compliant or a proprietary system
  • Improving measurement data can be as simple as dragging an output profile or chart measurement data file into the interface and running an automated task, or a number of advanced tasks can be applied individually
  • basICColor IMProve is ideally suited to advanced user sites where ICC profile calibration needs to be managed across multiple output devices on a regular basis. In a production environment the graphing and comparison features are valuable to gain more insight and control over the print profiling process