Input Version 5


  • Input Version 5
  • Input Version 5
  • Input Version 5
  • Input Version 5

NEW! basICColor input has gained the attention of color experts around the world as one of the best values in camera and scanner color management

The new version 5 brings support for raw profiling
(including Adobe® Camera raw™ and Lightroom™)
A completely redesigned color engine,
drag and drop profiling, support for all common
charts and immediate profile quality analysis.

If your goal is to achieve the color precision required to meet or exceed the Metamorfoze or FADGI capture protocols you will not have to look further   Licensing: BasICColor software products are licensed on a per CPU basis via a software "TAN" code generated by BasICColor. Licensing instructions are provided with the free 14 trial downloads. Site licenses are also available

Notable Features

  • basICColor Input creates standard ICC profiles and now also creates .dcp profiles for Adobe® Camera raw™ of Lightroom™ users
  • Profile optimization for CaptureOne's peculiar implementation of ICC
  • Profile optimization for artwork reproduction and scanner profiling
  • Support for DeltaE2000 SL=1 calcualtion formula and profile validation
  • Supports many scanner or camera targets, e.g. IT8/7.1+2, HutchColor Target, Gretagmacbeth ColorChecker and basICColor dcam target, Artist Paint Target, ISA Narrow Gamut target and more
  • Multi target profiling
  • Batch profiling
  • Pre-Defined or user-defined illuminants including measured chromaticity coordinates
  • Creates colorimetric gray balance or retains camera gray
  • A key strength of basICColor Input is that it excels at creating accurate ICC input profiles from digital camera and scanners especially in terms of gray linearity
  • Advanced capabilities such as multi chart averaging and the ability to incorporate custom spot color measurements as part of the ICC profile calculations
  • Chromatic adaptation to different lighting conditions